World Water Quality Portal. <br/> Photo: © EOMAP


Information on the water quality of lakes and rivers worldwide is provided by a new online portal by the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme.more

Human rights


While the right to food enjoys world-wide recognition, in reality, it is often ignored. The same applies to women’s rights and to the right to education and political participation. A strong civil society is required to assert...more

Participants at CIRAD’s “Living Territories 2018” conference agreed on the need to adopt a territorial perspective in addressing development. Furthermore, they stressed that rural territories were still important in achieving the...more

Smallholder family in Karausi Province, Burundi. <br/> Photo: ©IFAD/Susan Beccio
Family Farming


The International Year of Family Farming celebrated five years ago will now be followed by a Decade of Family Farming. This underlines the major importance of Family Farming in achieving the SDGs. more



“From Agricultural Farming to Food Processing and Distribution – opportunities and challenges along the value chain” was the title of the 4th German-African Agribusiness Forum. The German-African Business Association, together...more



Towards the end of the 10th Berlin Agriculture Ministers Conference, delegates from 69 states as well as representatives of the European Commission and of international organisations committed themselves to responsible and...more

Climate change


Future warming will lead to increasing river flood risks worldwide, according to experts from PIK. Hence, it is necessary to invest now in additional adaptation measures to protect millions from flood disasters in years to come.more



In mid-January, the tenth Global Forum for Food and Agriculture was held during the International Green Week in Berlin, Germany. This year, it addressed the issue of making animal husbandry more efficient, responsible and...more

Woman in Taung Ywar Village, Maungdaw, Myanmar: Smallholders are hardest hit by climate shocks. <br/> Photo: © FAO/Hkun Lat


The new African and Asian Resilience in Disaster Insurance Scheme (ARDIS) aims to provide fast recovery lending after climate shocks to smallholder farmers. The programme is thought to be the world’s largest non-governmental...more



A new UN initiative based on climate-smart agriculture aims to improve the livelihoods of a million woman and youth in the Sahel by doubling their income in three years. more



Overfishing, marine pollution and disputes over islands are turning oceans and seas into political issues. Unlike terrestrial areas, the seas are only assigned to individual nations as Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) up to a...more

Charles Batte (left), Hindou Oumarou (centre) and Uwase Hirwa Honorine discussing community-level action.
Land use


Young campaigners discussed the significance of community-level activities and aspects involved in building movements from a community level at the Global Landscapes Forum last December.more

Land use


Around one thousand people got together at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany, to discuss topics surrounding the restoration and sustainable use of landscapes last December.more

Over the last few years, expenditure worth billions has flown into development co-operation and private investments in the Global South. Much of this money has trickled away without effect. To address this at the European Union’s...more

Participants from 20 countries attended the conference and discussed links between landscapes, urbanisation and climate change. <br/> Photo: Julian Martitz


Environmental risk in low-income countries was discussed at a conference in Hanover, Germany in late November.more

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